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Step into the enchanting world of classic cinema with the Star Ace and X-Plus Quarter Scale Polyresin Statue, capturing the timeless charisma of Charlie Chaplin as the beloved Little Tramp. Meticulously crafted in exquisite detail, this collector's masterpiece pays homage to the iconic character that transcends generations.

Constructed from high-quality polyresin, the statue impeccably recreates the endearing features of the Little Tramp, from his trademark bowtie to the baggy pants, tight jacket, and waistcoat that defined his indelible style. Every nuance of Chaplin's iconic costume has been faithfully reproduced, making this statue a true work of art that reflects the essence of silent cinema's golden era.

Whether displayed in your home, office, or dedicated collector's space, this quarter scale statue is sure to be a conversation starter, sparking nostalgia and admiration for the artistry that defined an era. Limited in availability, this statue is a rare gem that speaks to the heart of cinema enthusiasts and collectors alike.

Seize the opportunity to own a piece of film history with the Star Ace and X-Plus Quarter Scale Polyresin Statue of Charlie Chaplin as the Little Tramp. Order now to bring the charm, humor, and grace of one of cinema's greatest legends into your collection. Elevate your display to new heights with this exceptional tribute to the art of storytelling.

- 1 x Charlie Chaplin Statue
- 1 x Basement 
- 1 x Stick

Star Ace Charlie Chaplin 1:4 Normal Version (Statua)

€ 500,00Prezzo
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