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The God of Thunder from The Infinity Gauntlet fights Thanos in a new collection by Iron Studios!

At a unique place beyond space and time, the fearless God of Thunder summons the strength of lightning with his mystic hammer, jumping over the spiky rocks of a temple built to pay homage to lady Death herself, against the threat of the mad titan called Thanos, boasting the power of a demigod with his Infinity Gauntlet. With his red cape moving like big wings and showing in his countenance the fury of a warrior in the extra interchangeable head with his combat helmet, partially covering his face and exposing his long hair and beard, the Viking warrior god joins forces to other mighty heroes to save the universe. Iron Studios present the statue ''Thor Deluxe - Infinity Gauntlet Diorama - BDS Art Scale 1:10'', the second release and the first hero revealed in the new Infinity Gauntlet series, a collection comprised of statues from the most powerful superheroes on Earth from Marvel Universe, composing a battle diorama set.

Iron Studios will also bring the regular statue ''Thor - Infinity Gauntlet Diorama - BDS Art Scale 1:10'', presenting Thor without the extra head with his battle helmet, over a lower base.

Working as an architect in New York, Eric Masterson became friend with the construction worker Sigurd Jarlson, the secret identity of Thor. After an accident in which he was injured by a falling girder, Eric was taken to the hospital by Sigurd, that revealed himself as the God of Thunder to Eric, strengthening their friendship even further. After many adventures together, Eric is fatally wounded, but before, he lifted the Mjölnir, proving himself worthy. Odin then merged them both, keeping their separate personalities intact. They would both exchange bodies using the Mjölnir, just like Thor had made years before with Donald Blake. After Loki killed Susan Austin, a close friend to Eric, Thor was furious and supposedly killed Loki during a fight. Since he broke Odin's sacred law, Thor was exiled from Earth and Eric Masterson gained then power of the God of Thunder to carry on his role as Thor. Eric continued as Earth's defender after receiving the Mjölnir. Masterson then joined the Avengers in Thor's place and revealed his double identity to Captain America. He helped the Avengers in battles such as the Kree/Shi'ar war and the Infinity Gauntlet crisis in The Infinity Gauntlet. After Loki reappeared, Eric managed to find Thor and rescued him from exile. Proving to be a hero by his own merits, Odin rewarded him with the enchantednmace Thunderstike. Adopting Thunderstike as his pseudonym Eric continued to serve as a hero on Earth.

Released by Marvel Comics in 1991, written by Jim Starlin and illustrated by George Pérez and Ron Lim, The Infinity Gauntlet brings a series of stories that form a saga in which the supervillain Thanos is able to collect the six Infinity Gems and attach them into his Gauntlet. Seeking the affection of lady Death, he uses his powers to decimate half of all the life in the entire universe, and only the union of the best remaining superheroes on Earth can defeat him and undo all the evil. A tremendous success in sales on its first edition, with two sequels, the events from that story keep being referenced and adapted until this day in games, animations, and were the main inspiration for movies such as Avengers: Infinity War. Revealed on November 30th, Thursday, in the panel on Ultra Stage at CCXP 2023 and exhibited afterwards on Iron Studios' booth with a global Pre-Order already available, check out ''Thanos Deluxe - Infinity Gauntlet Diorama - BDS Art Scale 1:10'', the first statue revealed from this line at SDCC 2023, and check out soon many other legendary characters from Marvel Comics in new statues by Iron Studios in this collection.

Iron Studios Marvel: Thor Infinity Gauntlet Deluxe Version 1:10 (Statua)

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