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Uscita prevista: Q2 - Q3 2025
Chiusura preordine : 17/07/2024 Salvo esaurimento


Sensitive Art Studio in collaboration with Infinite Statue & Collectibles present La Lune de Georges Meliès Wall Plaque. This stunning new version of The Moon by Georges Meliès is a tribute to the creative genius of Georges Meliès, and to his universally best-known work, “The Moon”. The sculpture conceived and designed by Fabio Berruti's Sensitive Art Studio is perfectly identical to the original drawing, taken from one of Meliès' "tableaus", and its 3D transformation combined with the meticulous care of the coloring make it an unprecedented refined artistic object. The Lune De Georges Meliès Wall Plaque is in a numbered and limited edition.

Infinite La Lune De Georges Melies Wall Plaque (Statua)

€ 130,00Prezzo
  • L'articolo è ritirabile a mano presso il nostro Show-Room dove potrete visionare dal vivo gli articoli. Contattateci per concordare un appuntamento per il ritiro.

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