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Aim for the Top GunBuster 35th Anniversary of the Series, Gunbuster is Joining the CCSTOYS "MORTAL MIND" Series

While faithfully reproducing Gunbuster's massive form, original arrangements have been sprinkled throughout, and a heavy metallic coating has been applied to create a dignified appearance reminiscent of a gigantic battleship!
Since the combining mechanism has been omitted, the huge body with a total height of 35 cm is truly a gimmick! The gun ports on the shoulders and shins can be expanded, and if you open the hatch on the inside of the shoulder, the words "Effort" and "Guts" will shine! Be sure to check out the many gimmicks at hand!

Product Features

  • Top height approx. 28cm
  • overall height approx. 35cm
  • Made of plastic and alloy
  • From the Gunbuster anime series
  • Part of the MORTAL MIND line of figures

Box Contents

  • Gunbuster figure
  • Buster Tomahawk
  • Buster Home Run (bat + effect parts)
  • Super Lightning Kick (tracks + effect parts)
  • Buster Shield x4
  • Replacement wrist parts x5 pairs
  • Right hand part for holding a degeneracy furnace x1
  • Replacement chest parts x1
  • Degeneracy furnace x1
  • Buster Colleder x8
  • Lightning effect parts A x16 for Buster Colleder
  • Lightning effect parts B for Buster Colleder x16
  • Display pedestal
  • Strut joint x3 types
  • Pedestal support (long/short)

CCS Toys Gunbuster (Action Figure)

€ 339,00Prezzo
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