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Uscita prevista: Q3 - Q4 2024
Chiusura preordine : 05/04/2024 Salvo esaurimento


"Change Getter-1! Switch On!!"

From MORTAL MIND series, a special version of Shin Getter-1 has now entered the battlefield! The head and battle wings are completely newly sculpted, allowing for the reproduction of the atmospheric departure scene in the OVA animation! The painting work has also been changed to a more metallic electroplating. Furthermore, an original weapon, "Star Slashing Axe," which can freely transform between a scythe and a tomahawk, will also be bundled! Don't miss out on the "Shin Getter-1 Star Slasher Ver."!

Parts List:

- Shin Getter-1 Star Slasher Ver. Figure Body (with new head sculpture)
- Getter Battle Wing (new sculpture) x 2
- Optional Backpack x 2
- Optional hand x 4 pairs
- Getter Razor (Normal) x 2
- Star Slashing Axe x 1
- Displaying Base x 1
- Connection Parts

CCS Toys Getter Robo Armageddon Shin Getter-1 Star Slasher Ver. Alloy (Action Fi

€ 270,00Prezzo
Scadenza Preordine 05/04/2024 - Previsione di uscita Q3 - Q4 2024
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