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Goodsmile Company Voltron Moderoid Plastic Model Kit

Let's go Voltron Force! MODEROID Voltron!

From the animated series "Voltron" comes a MODEROID plastic model of Voltron!

- The model stands at about 200mm in height. and features several points of articulation.
- The five mecha combine into Voltron without the use of extra parts. *Two types of head parts are included for Blue Lion and Yellow Lion for use in individual and combined form. Either head part can be used for combination.
- The Blazing Sword, Solar Combat Spears and Spinning Laser Blade are all included.
- Each individual Lion is articulated.
- Mouth blades for each Lion are included.
- The various parts of the model have been separated into different colored runners and pre-painted parts, making it easy to recreate the mecha with a simple assembly.

PREORDER ENDING: 20/10/2023 salvo esaurimento


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