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A new edition of the DX Chogokin, heavily revised to celebrate 50 years of MAZINGER Z! The all-metal head, arms, and chest fins are totally new, bringing the figure even closer to anime style. Power-ups included from later in the series, such as the Jet Scrander, Ironcutters, and Jet Pilder also feature new sculpts. The light and sound features have been revised, too! Lines from Koji Kabuto and music by Ichiro Mizuki are included. And the LEDs used in the earlier edition have been replaced with fully illuminating chest fins! This is truly the ultimate DX Chogokin MAZINGER Z!

Set Contents: MAZINGER Z, Hover Pilder, Jet Pilder, Armor parts, Cutaway model armor parts, Illuminating Breast Fire fins (L/R), Missile launcher open waist armor, Posable hands (L/R), Mechanical model hands (L/R), Ironcutter arm armor(L/R), MAZINGER Z hangar, Jet Scrander, Jet Scrander launcher, Remote control, Instruction & information bookle, Seven AAA batteries required. (Sold separately)

PREORDER ENDING: 20/06/2023 Salvo esaurimento


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