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Prime 1 Studio Dragon Ball Z Statue 1/4 Frieza 4th Form (Statua)

'"You seem quite confident, but you don't seem to realize that your actions have only been infuriating me. Allow me to demonstrate what a fraction of my power can really do"  

Prime 1 Studio and MegaHouse are very proud to collaborate for this long-awaited entry to our Premium Masterline Series, one of the most iconic antagonists from Dragon Ball Z: 1:4 scale MPMDBZ-03 Frieza 4th Form!  

Emperor of a powerful and fearsome race known as the Frost Demons, or Frieza's Race, he possesses an insatiable desire for control and domination, seeking to conquer planets and exploit their resources. He has built quite a reputation for himself throughout the universe for his cruelty, ruthlessness, and immense power. This has led him to destroy Planet Vegeta, Goku and Vegeta's home planet, over the fear of the Saiyan race's growing power and their potential to become a threat to his rule.  

The Namek Saga is where Frieza first appears in Dragon Ball Z and became one of the most beloved arcs among fans as it features highly praised character development and battle scenes. The statue portrays Frieza in his final form, reached during his confrontation with Goku on Planet Namek. 

One foot in front of the other, arms outstretched, fans have come to know this pose as the Frieza Stance - the ground around him comes asunder as he gathers his ki to show his power level - giving off a purple aura lit up by LED.  

Complete your Dragon Ball Z collection with this MPMDBZ-03 Frieza 4th Form statue, and pre-order it now! A must-have for DBZ fans everywhere! 


- Statue Size Approximately 24 inches [H: 61cm W: 43cm D: 34cm] 
- Dragon Ball Z inspired base 
- LED Illuminated effect parts  

PREORDER ENDING: 28/09/2023 salvo esaurimento


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