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Prime 1 Studio Harry Potter Platinum Masterline Series 1/3 Severus Snape (Statua)


Prime 1 Studio is proud to present our first collaboration with Shumi Arts, a hyper-realistic statue maker based in South Korea. Introducing our first entry to the highly coveted Platinum Masterline, the 1/4 scale PMLHP-01 Severus Snape from the Harry Potter movie franchise! 

Severus Snape is the Potions Master at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Portrayed by Alan Rickman, Professor Snape's enigmatic, mysterious character is widely regarded as one of the standouts from the movie series, earning him a very special place in the hearts of many fans worldwide. The artists from Prime 1 Studio and Shumi Arts have come together to meticulously craft 150 statues with the utmost level of expertise, bringing you the most lifelike statue of Alan Rickman's Master of Potions. 

Standing at 21 inches tall, Snape has a stern look, wand in hand. The artists at Shumi Arts have proven time and time again that they are the best at what they do, and it really shows in the detail of this perfect replication of the Head of Slytherin. The dark, fabric-woven garments may be simple, but emphasize his air of authority, mystery, and elegance. Snape wears a long black coat that stops at the knees. Underneath is a dark shirt with a high buttoned collar, contributing to his refined and austere appearance. The black robe is another item that adds to his ever-imposing presence, which can be removed for the perfect display option. He stands atop an obsidian base that has been sculpted with a smoke design all around. 

Rickman's Snape is a masterful portrayal that has left an indelible impact on both Harry Potter books and movie franchise fans. His captivating performance helped elevate Snape into one of the most iconic and memorable characters in the wizarding world.  

Take advantage of this very limited collaboration and pre-order the PLMHP-01 Severus Snape now, so that he can tell you to turn to page 394 in the comfort of your home. 


- Statue Size Approximately 21 inches [H: 55 W: 25cm D: 23cm] 
- Obsidian Smoke-themed base 

Limited Edition of 150 pcs worldwide.

PREORDER ENDING: 25/10/2023 salvo esaurimento


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