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Toynami Raiders of the Lost Ark Cinemaquette 1/3 Indiana Jones (Statua)

"If adventure has a name, it´s Indiana Jones! The world´s most famous archaeologist leaps into action with this newest edition in the Cinemaquette series! Constructed of polyurethane composite with realistic silicon skin, the Indiana Jones Cinemaquette´s head is individually punched with real human hair and features film-accurate clothing, weaponry and equipment, from his trusty revolver to his famous bullwhip, authentic in every detail. 


- Approximately 24 inches in height 
- Clothing and weaponry reproduced in scale with precise detail 
- Handsome display base 
- Each Certificate bears Harrison Ford´s signature 
- Limited in production to 1,000 units worldwide


PREORDER ENDING: Salvo esaurimento


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