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Uscita prevista: Q4 2024 - Q1 2025
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Anytime. Anywhere. Anyone ... 

Inspired by 1982's THE THING from Universal Pictures, our MacReady 1/6 scale figure is armed and ready to battle the ultimate in alien terror, complete with cloth and faux leather fabric elements, plus a slew of swappable hands, heads and weapons.

Product includes:

- Fabric Faux Leather Jacket
- Fabric Flight Suit
- Fabric Under Shirt
- Faux Leather Belt
- Standard Head
- Frozen Head
- Shot Gun
- Pistol
- Pistol Holster
- Flame Thrower Pack
- Flame Thrower
- Detachable Flame Accessory
- Hand Sets - Fist, Trigger and C-Grip
- Gloved Hands
- Figure Stand

Figure stands approx. 30 cm tall and comes in a printed box.

Mondo The Thing 1982 1/6 MacReady (Action Figure)

€ 320,00Prezzo
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