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The Defender of Eternia and the Universe hops onto his fierce companion in a new statue by Iron Studios!

Climbing down the ancestral rock-strewn steps of a fortress located on planet Eternia, a colossal, armored feline shows his mighty paws, exposing his fierce claws. With his head protected by a big helmet, with only his jaw exposed showing his great fangs, he brings a saddle on his back in order to act like a mount to his battle companion. Carrying the most powerful man in the universe, the gigantic tiger with green fur brings the hero protector of Eternia and defender of the secrets of Castle Grayskull. Known by his immense strength, the powerful contracted muscles of the tanned warrior with golden hair make evident his readiness for action, raising his right arm ready to strike with the indestructible Power Sword. Longed by fans and collectors in one of their most successful lines, Iron Studios proudly present the statue ''He-Man and Battle Cat Deluxe - Masters of the Universe - Art Scale 1:10'', with the hero protagonist of the MOTU franchise mounted on his most faithful companion and ally.

Son of King Randor from planet Eternia and queen Marlena, an astronaut from Earth before known as Captain Marlena Glenn, Adam was guided through the Wind Forest by the falcon Zoar to the legendary Castle Grayskull. There, the bird took her true human form as Teela Na, the Sorceress. The priestess then reveals to the young prince that his destiny has been set since his birthday, that he had been chosen to become the guardian and protector of the secrets of Grayskull. Inside the ancestral fortress, Adam received the Power Sword, and with it, while saying the phrase that can summon the might of Grayskull, he gained fabulous powers, becoming He-Man, an extremely powerful warrior, with unlimited strength, superhuman endurance, vigor, speed, and agility, high intelligence, and a highly skilled fighter. Engaged in protecting Grayskull and Eternia from the evil threats and the universe from wicked beings, his greatest archenemy is the villain Skeletor, an extremely powerful sorcerer that commands many mighty warriors as his minions and seeks to dominate the power of the mystic secrets from Castle Grayskull. Just like Adam, his best friend and pet, Cringer, a smart but lazy and scared green tiger, is also transformed by the powers of Grayskull into Battle Cat, an enormous, armored tiger, formidable in combat skills, that act like He-Man's mount and fight companion. When young, Adam offered himself to test a new Man-At-Arms invention, a device to simulate the sound of many wild animals. Adam ended up fighting a hungry Saber-toothed tiger that was threatening a green tiger cub. Simulating the sound of a Manticore, Adam scared the predator away and rescued the wounded cub, taking it to the Royal Palace so that ManAt-Arms could treat it. The cub got better, and Adam adopted it as his pet.

Another future release revealed on November 30th, Thursday, in the panel on the Ultra Stage at CCXP 2023 and exhibited after on Iron Studios' booth, with a global Pre-Order already available, Eternia's greatest hero gets another version by Iron Studios, mounted on his friend, ally, and pet, check other future Iron Studios releases from their MOTU line like the not less majestic ''She-ra and Swift Wind Deluxe'', and the variants ''Anti-Eternia He-Man'' and ''Hordak Comics'' and much more to come from the universe of the warrior owner of the fabulous powers of Grayskull.


Iron Studios Master of the Universe: He-Man and Battle Cat 1:10 (Statua)

€ 550,00Prezzo
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