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'The future is what we make it. So, go to war with each other, or join our Federation of Planets and reach for the stars. The choice is yours.''

The newest Star Trek is Star Trek: Strange New World and it has become a fan favorite in just two seasons. Following a pre-Kirk Enterprise in a five-year mission, the Captain is Christopher Pike, an experienced and level-headed officer who knows his own dark future. Portrayed by Anson Mount, Pike has won over the fans with his leadership of a diverse and entertaining crew.

This 1:6-scale figure re-creates Captain Pike in exquisite 1:6 detail. Standing approximately 12 inches tall, every element, from his Star Fleet uniform to his uniquely styled boots, is authentically reproduced. The original portrait sculpt of Anson Mount has an authentic, hand-painted likeness.

The EXO-6 Pike 1:6 Scale Articulated Figure includes:

- Fully Articulated Body: More than 30 points of articulation allow the figure to be displayed in multiple dynamic poses, approximately 30 cm tall.
- Realistic Portrait: Lovingly rendered by a top artist, this excellent likeness of Anson Mount as Christopher Pike is specially hand-painted.
- Star Fleet Duty Uniform: With access to the original costumes, this uniform has been meticulously reproduced from the original full-size outfit. Tiny raised printing covers the shoulder and arms just like in the original outfit. A black t-shirt is worn under the Starfleet tunic. An authentically scaled badge is permanently affixed to the shirt.
- Boots: Plastic boots sculpted to match the cut and style of the original footwear.
- Display Base: A hexagonal display base featuring the transporter pad will provide additional support for the figure. Two different inserts for the floor of the base can represent the transporter pad or the center of the transporter array.

Pike comes with the Star Fleet equipment needed for exploring strange new worlds. He comes equipped with:

- Federation Type II phaser with removable Type 1 phaser.
- Belt and phaser holster.
- Flip screen communicator.
- Federation phaser rifle.
- Multiple hands for posing with the appropriate accessories.

This fine collectible figure is a perfect rendition of the respected Captain Pike and an excellent way to start your Star Trek: Strange New Worlds collection.

EXO-6's commitment to the variety and number of characters in Star Trek is unparalleled. Never before and never again will fans be able to own such high-end collectible figures covering such a wide expanse of the Star Trek universe. Act now to ensure you have the ultimate Star Trek collectibles before they disappear, never to return.


EXO-6 Star Trek: Strange New Worlds - Christopher Pike 1:6 (Action Figure)

€ 330,00Prezzo
Previsione di Uscita Q3 Q4 2024 - Scadenza Preordine 17/11/2023
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