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Infinity Studio One Piece: Going Merry (Statua)

'As the first pirate ship of the Straw Hat Pirates, the Going Merry witnessed the embarkation of a number of partners and carried the Straw Hat gang to many victories over their opponents.

Escaped the Marine's pursuit, into the great voyage, until the last in the justice island Going Merry carrying the straw hat group broke out of the pirates surrounded, Going Merry has no possibility of saving, finally Luffy decided to cremate him.

In the last farewell Going Merry , the ship elf's words as if still in the ear, Going Merry has also become all the 'One Piece' fans heart forever moving memories, but now it is here! Infinity studio presents the authorization of 'One Piece', the genuine statue of the Going Merry, together with the Going Merry once again embarked on the adventure of the great voyage!

Hull planking texture, white keel painting, from the overall appearance, regardless of the distance, the view is very good! Sheep's head bow statue carving classic reproduction, which also is Luffy's special class seat.

The pole that supports the observatory is erected vertically from the centerboard of the ship and hangs the classic Straw Hat Pirates flag on the mainsail.

Anchors, cannons and other equipment to restore the metal texture, the bow and three gun ports can be illuminated.

The orange tree from Nami's hometown on the back side of the ship is vivid and natural, and with full details.

PREORDER ENDING: 18/10/2023 salvo esaurimento


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