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Storm Collectibles, comes the high-quality 1/6 scale action figure of Raoh, the Ken-oh from the iconic martial arts manga "Hokuto no Ken" (Fist of the North Star), created by the original author Buronson and manga artist Tetsuo Hara to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the original work! The seamlessly integrated joints allow for a wide range of movement, showcasing the beauty of the muscles and enabling fans to enjoy action sequences reminiscent of the original manga. The pants are authentically reproduced using sheepskin. Under the supervision of the original creators, this is an item that fans, who prioritize quality, should not miss!

Content :

  • Seamless-Joint Body 
  • 8 Hand Parts 
  • Various Armors 
  • Leather Pants   

Storm Collectibles Fist of the North Star Collectible 1/6 Raoh (Action Figure)

€ 300,00Prezzo
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