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Sideshow and Spiral Studio present the newest release from Titans of the Monsterverse Series with an ancient alpha predator rising from the depths, Godzilla (2014) - Standard Version!

Featuring all the accurate anatomy, crisp details, and imposing stance, our Godzilla (2014) stands at 44 cm. tall. Our artisans at Spiral Studio paid utmost attention to the expression of king of the monsters to invoke his presence from the airport scene when he first appeared to confront Male MUTO in Honolulu, Hawaii. And through the complex development, every wrinkle, muscle strain, carapace, and all other textures, no matter how small, was captured and put into the sculpt, so that our Godzilla (2014) stays as true to the movie as it can ever be.

And as a celebration to the upcoming Monsterverse TV series, let us usher in the age of monsters with this Godzilla where it all began!

Product size: 44 x 51 x 44 cm


Spiral Studio Godzilla 2014 Titans of the Monsterverse Godzilla Standard Version

€ 970,00Prezzo
Previsione di Uscita Q3 Q4 2024 - Scadenza Preordine 18/10/2023 Salvo Esaurimento
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