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Marvel’s Thor is synonymous with the iconic weapon Mjolnir. Thor’s mighty hammer has traditionally brought about thunder and lightning to great effect, however in the latest movie Thor Love and Thunder, not only is Mjolnir wielded by a new hero, Jane Foster, it also includes a new, unseen power unlike any other. The hammer can now break up into hundreds of tiny pieces to take out multiple enemies at once, and with the return flight, reconstructing the hammer back to its original shape. The new design takes into consideration the cracked pieces that construct the hammer by creating the huge lightning effect across its body.

Beast Kingdom’s ‘Entertainment Experience Brand’ celebrates the launch of the new Thor movie with a high-end, 1:1 life-size replica of the mighty Mjolnir. Standing at 53cm in height, Thor’s life size hammer is recreated with movie grade accuracy. The details across the cracked pieces of the hammer are highlighted with an evenly spread blue LED light that recreates the lightning shine. A base with individually numbered plaque tops the collection fit for any god of thunder challenger!

Special features:
- Light-up LED function (Batteries not included)
- Limited to 3000 pieces

BEAST KINGDOM Thor: Love and Thunder - Mjolnir 1:1 Statue

€ 440,00 Prezzo regolare
€ 396,00Prezzo scontato
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