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Michael Keaton, who played one of the most celebrated reincarnations of Batman in 1989, dons the

classic reimagining of his suit once more in the latest Flash movie.

Beast Kingdom's 'Entertainment Experience Brand' takes serious collectors back to the movie with the release of a highly collectible "Master Craft" statue of Michael Keaton´s version of Batman from the DC Multiverse movie "The Flash". Appearing in a more modern battle suit, it pays homage to the original release and updates the suit for the modern audience. With meticulous attention to the details of the suit, the Master Craft statue recreates the classic yellow Batman emblem and belt on the chest, as well as the intricate detailing of the muscular outlines of the body and limbs. The cape, made of fabric material, and the sculpting and coloring elevate the design. The Batman mask accurately replicates the facial wrinkles and features of a now older Bruce Wayne, increasing the overall realism of the statue. This globally limited edition of 3,000 statues is for fans to revisit the once-in-a-lifetime movie event with arguably one of the most iconic Batman movie characters of all time. Take home your limited edition Master Craft statue only from an official Beast Kingdom outlet today.

Limited to 3000 sets worldwide.

Beast Kingdom DC Comics: The Flash - Batman Modern Suit Master Craft (Statua)

€ 330,00Prezzo
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