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Star Ace Rocky III: Clubber Lang 1:6 (Action Figure)

In Rocky III the Italian Stallion faced off against an up-and-coming boxer that was meaner and tougher than Rocky Balboa had ever been. Clubber was just as vicious outside the ring, throwing insults as devastating as his punches. Only with the help of his friend Apollo Creed could Rocky get back his "eye of the tiger" and find a way to match Clubber Lang punch for punch.

This one sixth figure stands 30 cm tall and features a head sculpt with an authentic likeness to Clubber Lang. He comes with interchangeable hands and boxing gloves, his blue robe and the Championship belt.

There are two different versions of this collectible figure, the Deluxe includes more accessories. 

The deluxe version comes with all of the above and his street wear with furry vest. An additional headsculpt featuring earrings is also included.

The 1/6th scale Clubber Lang (Normal ver. / Deluxe ver.) collectible figure features:
- 1/6 scale Seamless body (approximately 30 cm tall) with over 30 points of articulation.
- Fully realized, authentic likeness of Clubber Lang in the movie "Rocky III" (1982). The figure is meticulously hand painted and features detailed skin texture and accurate facial expression.

- One (1) Clubber Lang with serious facial expression; 
- One (1) Clubber Lang with earrings (only for Deluxe version);

- Six (6) interchangeable hands
- One (1) pair of red boxing gloves

Costume of Normal version 
- Blue boxing shorts
- One (1) pair of socks
- Blue robe

Accessories for Normal version 
- One (1) pair of red boxing gloves
- Boxing boots
- Championship belt
- Towel
- Black Belt

PREORDER ENDING: 18/09/2023 Salvo esaurimento


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